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Different countries have different visa requirements and the process is quite different. At Orion, we have expert visa consultants to assist you. They will guide you in filling up the visa application forms and getting your documents ready. Our experts have hands-on experience in visa procedures. They will assist students and guarantee hassle-free study abroad visa processing. Orion’s visa consultants have in-depth knowledge of immigration legislation, rules, and regulations of other countries' visa processing. With our guidance and visa assistance lakhs of students have ensured visa approval. Our team guides the students with different steps in the visa procedure helping them right from filling up the application to preparing financial statements and documents that meet the requirements of visa standards stipulated by the respective country. We guide and support students throughout the process by offering visa interview training and mock interview sessions. We ensure speedy and trouble-free visa processing.

Visa services we offer at Orion

Jobseeker Visa Guidance to Germany

Germany is seeking highly qualified employees to work in well-paid positions and encourages all young and skilled people can visit and look for places to work. So, if you are a professional with an adequate amount of work experience you may apply for a Jobseeker visa, which allows you to stay in Germany for 6 months and can find an employer to work with. Orion Study Abroad also gives documentation assistance for applying for a job seeker visa.

Dependent Visa / Spouse Visa / Family Reunion Visa.

If you want a Dependent Visa, Spouse Visa or a Family Reunion Visa, Orion will help you acquire it. With a deep understanding of the visa process, we are capable of providing expert guidance on documentation and process.

Business Visa & Visitor Visa

Our team also gives guidance on applying for Business visa &Visitor Visa to European countries, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Canada, etc.